Spikning: "Photographic Engagements. Belonging and Affective Encounters in Contemporary Photography.”

Publicerad den 29 augusti 2018
Erika Larsson spikar sin avhandling

Erika Larssons avhandling i konsthistoria och visuella studier, spikades 29/8 2018.

Disputation äger rum 14/9 2018 kl. 10.00, i sal C126, LUX, Helgonavägen 3, Lund.

Populärvetenskaplig presentation av avhandlingen

The thesis explores the notion of belonging in contemporary photography in Turkey and Sweden. Throughout the investigation, I use the term ’engaging’ to bring together a range of theoretical perspectives in order to move beyond a representational take on photography. In so doing, my aim is to approach particular photographic works as affective, embodied, and situated interactions or acts. Through the lens of these theoretical perspectives, I explore a number of different photographic projects that in one way or another deal with the notion of belonging. I argue that affective and embodied perspectives are significant and often overlooked both in terms of contemporary photography and theoretical discussions around belonging. In bringing these two themes together, the explorations reveal previously unforeseen aspects of how experiences of belonging are shaped, felt, and negotiated through contemporary photography. In order to bring close attention to certain photographic works and how they function within particular situated space, I focus on works from the areas in and around Sweden and Turkey, but the discussion also reflects on the wider question of European experiences of belonging.
Max Liljefors, handledare